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Carpet cleaning machine

Carpet cleaning machine

Product specifications:  

scan       product  : 2,600-3,400  m/  h   

sweep     width      -850  mm  : 650 mm/19 inch/ 26  inch;

sweep     speed    : 4.0 km/h  

driving     Ma    :   battery-electric model,  environmentally,  particularly suitable for the food industry and the food storage industry. ,&Nbsp;  12 volt DC motor 0.55 kW output power both stable battery power indicator,  quiet, ,  exhaust,  noise-free only 67 decibels.  

   :   no self-,  wrap speed,  control for easy control.   Retro-fitting of differential,  body works flexibly.  

  nursing   system   system  :  to relax grip,  body stops automatically.  

  brush  :  lasagne with 10 rows of bristles brush,  adjust the brush pressure is not required to use the tool.  

  brush  : ,  sweep the litter designed for wall corner to the main brush.   Protection devices.  ,&Nbsp; side brush when cleaning a large area the ground rises.  

filter   dust   NET  :  large particulate dust filter,  located above the refuse chutes, filter efficiency 95%.   Filtration of dust directly into the chutes.   Wetland surface to close the suction device.  

La   JI   box   volume   volume  : 35/ 47 litres litres/42 litre  

weight   weight  : 73/81/92  kg   

original      :  Germany  



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