Th fair comprehensive support in mobilizing

From the sixth Expo opened in 10 days, and Exposition venues and hotels in the surrounding will be headed by a District Government subcontractor, on public security, order, petition-dimensional stability, environment, comprehensive support in overall charge. The morning of September 16, the city held in the Expo venue and receive integrated security mobilization around the hotel, arranged "Sprint" stage and comprehensive support during the Expo. Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Li junming attended the meeting and made specific requirements for integrated safeguards.

meetings of the relevant departments and units in comprehensive support of fair division of responsibility is further clear and detailed.

according to arrangements, on in the Bo will venues and hotel around of dance Office, and Internet cafes, and teahouse, entertainment for security reorganization, law clear "yellow, and bet, and HIV" illegal phenomenon, ensure venues and hotel around security environment good; do venues, and hotel and the around petition stable, and contradictions mediation work; September 20 to 30th, do hotel around traffic grooming, and vehicles Park, work, ensure traffic smooth, and order good; September 16 up, on venues and hotel around road tour cleaning, daily many Yu 2 times, Keep road clean; September 20 to 30th, extended cleaning time, implemented two class cleaning, Samsung level above hotel around regional cleaning to 24 o'clock, other hotel around cleaning to 22 o'clock, life garbage door collection; September 16 Qian, the related units on venues and hotel around road brand, and indicates brand, and Peel box, and garbage barrels, and well cover well with, and power facilities, and bus stop, city facilities full renovation, September 17 to 24th, again completely cleaning, guarantee clean clean, and intact ; September 20 to 30th, banned activities venues and reception hotel around no card stalls vendors, and waste recycling site, specification has card business; September 20 Qian, venues and hotel around road, and streets renovation engineering full completed, construction site and waste cleanup clean, not completed of to shutdown seal field; September 22 Qian, completed venues, and hotel around Green conservation, and trim fill planted and flowers placed; September 20 to 30th, country market do huaxingguishi, and business ordered, and health clean, and order good, A street market and management.

Li junming request, Expo and the crucial stage, the fully comprehensive support. To integrate resources to coordinate, mobilize social forces wide participation, accountability, specialization. To highlight the priorities, the most fundamental is to ensure the security, safety is the first priority, is also the first responsibility to full court press, also want to focus on, and on venues, hotels surrounding the problem found and corrective actions in a timely manner, fully integrated safeguards and security work in the fair.  


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