Harbin airport cleaning lady travelers greatly praised

On September 5, the Harbin cleaning Lady Zhao Jingzhi in the terminal building of the airport picked up a women's toilet on the first floor with more than 20,000 yuan in cash purse, promptly returned to its owner, praised by visitors. &Nbsp;

the afternoon, Harbin airport cleaning company cleaning Lady Zhao Jingzhi in the terminal building at the airline lobby women picked up a leather bag bathroom in Taiwan, will be able to see from the opening package is equipped with a thick one-hundred dollar bills. Faced with temptation, Zhao jingzhi, only thousands of Yuan a month is not for money, immediately handed the bag to the cleaning company managers at the airline on the day. At this point, she think the owner must be worrying, will come to find after it was discovered, and waiting, and sure enough after 10 minutes there is a cheeky look anxious woman hurriedly ran back inside to search. Cleaning company executives in person at the airline confirmed that after checking the package contents, identification documents, confirm that this person is the owner. According to the visitor introduced, as a result of carelessness, she will be equipped with more than 20,000 yuan in cash in a hurry, one high-end cell phones and purses of other important documents left in the bathroom, just try back after it was discovered to find, did not expect the package a point many, to her great surprise. Holding a stolen purse, she thanked Zhao Jingzhi repeatedly. Xiao Zhao just plain say "Harbin airport each employee will do! "

according to statistics, 1-August, they picked up lost items total 36 pieces, equivalent to more than 300,000 yuan, all returning visitors. It is these simple cleaning employee, they use to make passengers feel to act long Jiang's sincere and kind, was praised by the majority of visitors.


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