Cleaning lady eating grapes was fined 5000 Yuan

According to voice of the news reports of the evening rush hour, a few days ago, Beijing Daxing huangcun Tesco supermarket shop cleaner when Mr Qin, saw a few grapes on the shelf, "throw a pity", eat one. This store loss prevention departments found that supermarket fined 5000 Yuan Qin Mr Procter made decisions. Cleaning company does not endorse, said "cleaner before damage to the supermarket's doors, fined 500 Yuan, eating grapes fined 5000 Yuan? Is extremely expensive. " Then, Tesco has explained why? Tesco Northern quxu said, "our starting point is to urge maintains cleanliness the company through economic means to manage their own cleaning staff, fine amount, provided by the store itself. "&Nbsp;

how much how much? This approach appropriate? Xiong Lie locked in Beijing lawyer said that supermarkets and Procter are the two lateral civil subjects, supermarkets cleaning company is not making the power, "supermarkets starting point is understandable, but even if the contract with the relevant conventions, supermarkets can find maintains cleanliness the company to" liquidated damages "rather than fines." Liquidated damages are generally commodity price 30%, 5000 Yuan set by the supermarkets obviously too high. Perhaps supermarket and the cleaning company of Ashan, "a grape" is a trigger, but it's effects are far more than a simple as a grape.

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