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Kunming clean spirit cleaning cleaning service limited is professional of Kunming cleaning company, and Kunming cleaning company, and Kunming carpet cleaning company, and Kunming outside wall cleaning company, and Kunming smoke road cleaning company, for you provides Kunming cleaning, and Kunming cleaning, and Kunming carpet cleaning, and Kunming stone refurbished, and Kunming stone conservation, and Kunming smoke road cleaning, and Kunming outside wall cleaning, and Kunming tank cleaning, and Kunming wasteland cleaning company, and Kunming advertising brand cleaning, service!

larger chain operation of the company in good standing. Has hundreds of middle and high     level domestic servants (domestic workers, home care, professional cleaning staff, etc), the introduction of advanced domestic service business concepts and management models, implementation of the concept of company management, VIP VIP membership service, creating a Chinese domestic precedent, much used in practice. For the people of Kunming city and the surrounding area home and foreign mission in Queensland provides a wide range of professional family service.

outside wall, high-rise buildings, carpet, smoke machines, billboards, stone cleaning, large indoor glass, stone, wood flooring renovation waxing, export of labor services, green area maintenance, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, supermarkets, street, fixed cleaning business.

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